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The mystery of missing gill covers – Part 2

A look at gill cover deformities in aquaculture peer-reviewed research “...skeletal deformities are one of the most significant biological and recurrent problems affecting worldwide finfish aquaculture.” When an animal is 100% dependent on human inputs and care,...

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The mystery of missing gill covers – Part 1

The bony gill cover or “operculum” protects the gills from physical damage. It also help fish breath. This is why a fish at rest pulses its jaws and gill covers. With the gill covers are closed and sealed, a fish creates a vacuum to suck in water. Then with a closed...

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Why should we care about peer review?

Here’s an example of peer review in action. This is from a study on the effects of selenium contamination on two bird species that nest along creeks and rivers of the Elk Valley in southeastern British Columbia. I found this version first, presented at the 2004 BC...

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